Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

W hether you need to replace missing teeth or have future extractions planned, you’re probably trying to decide whether dental implants or dentures are the best tooth replacement option. A Bend implant dentist is always a great choice, but in some cases, dentures can be very beneficial. By knowing more about both options, you can determine which one is the best choice for you.

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Reasons for Permanent Tooth Replacement

important source There are many reasons an individual may need to have their Bend dentist replace missing permanent teeth. From an accident or trauma that knocks teeth out to gum diseases or other conditions, sometimes adult teeth are lost. In cases like this, you will need to replace the teeth in order to keep the surrounding teeth from shifting and in order to eat properly. Bend implant dentistry ensures that when you replace missing teeth, you can function the same as you did before losing your adult teeth.

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Benefits and Disadvantages of Dentures

One of the biggest benefits of dentures is that they’re inexpensive. A typical set can cost as low as $200, which is a very affordable way to replace missing teeth. A full set of dentures can replace an entire mouthful of missing teeth, while partial dentures can replace one or several teeth in the mouth. The most important disadvantage of dentures is that they are not permanent, and often need to be glued to the gum using some sort of dental adhesive. They can also sometimes be irritating and uncomfortable at first and can alter the taste of some foods.

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Benefits and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are actually placed under the gum, and will last for anywhere from twenty to forty years, depending upon the amount of care they’re given. They act just like permanent teeth and don’t come out of the mouth. They’re also more secure in that they will not fall out and create an embarrassing moment for the wearer. However, tooth implants are considerably more expensive than dentures. The price per tooth can be anywhere from $500 to over $2,000, depending upon the particular situation.

Which is the Best Choice for You?

If you have great dental insurance or you have the extra money, dental implants are typically considered the best choice. Bend implant dentistry is a combination of art and healthcare that provides you with the most beautiful smile possible. However, the process can take a while; the dental implant will need a few months to bond with the bone before the actual tooth is placed in the mouth. A partial denture can be utilized while waiting for the bonding process. If you don’t have a lot of extra money, your best option to replace missing teeth may be dentures.

Having a conversation with your Bend dentist is the best way to determine whether dental implants or dentures are best for you. He or she will give you a thorough examination and then make a recommendation based on your specific circumstances. In any case, you can be sure you’re receiving the best possible care for your dental health.

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